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Opinionated Science x Extraordinary Grace: Reacting to Bias in STEM

Watch Grace's Keynote HERE. 

This episode of Opinionated Science is part of our latest podcast mini-series, where we are joined by esteemed STEM advocates, scientists as well as diversity, equity and inclusion experts who share their experiences interacting with and mentoring a virtual scientist named Grace.

Grace represents the next generation of scientists, but also, the underrepresented. She has the potential to change the face of analytical science; hers is an incredible, but fragile journey that called upon scientists across the globe for mentorship.

In this incredible episode, we speak with Sisters in Science who are taking social media by storm and helping to break stereotypes within STEM. 

By listening to this podcast, you’ll be joining an unprecedented conversation in science.

Now, wouldn’t that be extraordinary?

Watch Grace’s keynote.

Meet the Author
Lucy Lawrence
Lucy Lawrence
Digital Content Producer